Upper Cervical Spinal Care

    • It has no intervertebral discs
    • It has no interlocking joints
    • Is a flat ring (compared to a square block)
Infrared Thermography
Infra red Scan

Every person has a unique fingerprint, right? Every person has a unique spinal print as well. Performing the infrared neurologic scan on every single visit allows the Upper Cervical Doctor to establish a patient’s spinal print. There should be a consistent pattern to the infrared scan indicating when a correction is needed. This crooked line is an example an abnormal infrared scan. What this asymmetrical heat differential illustrates is an imbalance of heat from one side of the spine to the other.

Abnormal Infrared Scan

Here’s another example of an abnormal infrared scan. The illustration on the right shows an asymmetrical heat differential.

Nervous System Impulse
Straight and Crooked

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