Class IV Laser Therapy

What are the biological effects of Class IV Laser Therapy?

How does Class IV Laser Therapy work?

The reason that I recommend Class IV laser therapy to my patients is simple: I want them to heal as quickly as possible. Certain things can stimulate or inhibit the healing process. I have seen how powerful upper cervical spinal care can be since 2017 when my wife and I became patients in this strict discipline of chiropractic care. This is the foundation of what I do with every patient and will continue to be the best tool at my disposal. I have used non-surgical spinal decompression in my practice since 2022.

Many of my patients were getting fantastic results. However, I wondered if there was something else I was missing. Was there another treatment that could help my patients get better outcomes? As a clinician, I always try to achieve the best outcomes for those I serve. I had done about 1500 non-surgical spinal decompression treatments in my office before adding Class IV laser therapy. I quickly realized that once I put this therapy into treatment plans, my patients were improving beyond what I had expected. That’s because the laser treatment decreased the inflammatory response and thus keeping pain under control.

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