Crossroads Brain & Spine

Crossroads Brain & Spine was established by Dr. Michael Lea in 2022. Through our unique and specific protocols, Crossroads Brain & Spine is the ONLY clinic in the state of Indiana combining Upper Cervical Spinal Care and Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression. Our clinic focuses on more than just treating degenerative changes occurring in the spine via Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression but also places a high priority on balancing the nervous system via a gentle, safe, yet effective Upper Cervical Spinal Correction.

Many degenerative issues of the spine are caused by improper alignment of the cranio-cervical junction (upper cervical spine). This imbalance causes undue forces that are placed upon each vertebra. Over time, these biomechanical stressors can lead to degeneration, pain, and dysfunction. Crossroads Brain & Spine attains a high degree of success with our patients because when Upper Cervical Spinal Care is combined with Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression, it returns the spine to proper alignment and neurologic function. Oftentimes, patients experience a reduction of symptoms when the spine is functioning at an optimal level.

The reduction and/or removal of biomechanical distortion allows for proper function of the nervous system. The importance of the nervous system is that it coordinates every process of the body. This includes organ function (heart, lung, liver, kidney, colon, etc.), brain function, and muscle function. When proper alignment is brought to the spine, the muscles controlling our posture are no longer creating an uneven pull on the skeletal system. Most degenerative processes of the spine are created by an imbalance of the skeletal system and/or nervous system disintegration. This abnormal postural position forces the spine into an adaptive position to resist gravity and re-center the body on a vertical axis.

Ensuring the head (approximately the weight of a bowling ball) is sitting atop the spine correctly is paramount. If there is a biomechanical dysfunction at this area of the spine, there are numerous downstream effects both neurologically and structurally speaking. Rather than worrying about the water in the basement, first we need to address the hole in the roof. Once we can ensure proper spinal alignment of the upper cervical spine, now we can concern ourselves with the numerous downstream effects.

Many patients understand the importance of the head and neck as they are situated atop the spine. However, total spinal balance is the end goal. When there are no more spinal distortions, there is now an even pull of the muscles on either side of the spine. Think about the spine like a teeter-totter. There needs to be balance on either side.

If the weight of the head remains centered over the spine, then the entire spine should remain in a balanced or neutral position. When and if the head is shifted off its vertical axis the body will try to compensate and shift into an imbalance position to ensure that the head remains neutral. This is important so that there is no torsion of the rest of the spine or pelvis. If there is, this can lead to degenerative changes occurring.

That imbalance can be clearly seen with one leg being shorter or longer than the other, one hip being higher or lower than the other, torsion of the skeletal system, improper movement, muscular imbalance, and undue stressors on the vertebral column overtime. This abnormal body position results in undue pressures, stresses, and tension of the entire nervous system and brain stem. This has significant health impacts as the nervous system controls everything happening in the body via electrical impulses. Abnormal biomechanical function has a direct effect on nervous system integration. Upper Cervical Chiropractic allows for the proper conduction of those electrical signals by correcting a spinal distortion at the junction between the brain and spine. Due to the unique structure of the spine, a specific correction to this will affect the rest of the spine. Non -Surgical Spinal Decompression ensures that pressures within the disc remain within a safe and normal range.

If a spinal distortion is not corrected, the long-term effects can debilitating spinal pain, behavioral changes, reduced immune function, organ dysfunction, and hormonal dysregulation to name a few.

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