My wife, 73 years of age, has experienced several health issues over the past 8 years and became very sedentary, resulting in loss of muscle mass and deterioration of the spine. She could not walk 100 feet without back pain and shortness of breath. She has had injections which only lasted for a short period of time for pain management. We found Crossroads Brain & Spine, and with her treatments (spinal decompression), she has a new lease on life. This lady is now going to department stores and shopping for hours with no back pain. She is back to working in her flower beds and garden without issue. Dr. Lea, Maria, and Lauryn of Crossroads Brain & Spine do care about successful outcomes and are very professional in their approach to patients. Halfway through my wife”s program, I developed my own back issues. At the age of 73, I love and play golf and have played for 42 years. Recently I injured my back, so I participated with my wife at Crossroads Brain & Spine, and I must say I am now playing golf as though I was 40 again. This program should be one”s first option before proceeding to surgery. Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression is the way to go.


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