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Vibrant Life Health & Wellness see’s kids of all ages! As a matter of fact, our littlest patients are most often our best patients! Chiropractic care is fantastic at helping the body have a stronger immune system, more mobility and flexibility, has been shown to increase the speed of healing and many, many other amazing benefits to the human body regardless of age. Some of the most common reasons parents bring their children into our office and why we decided to focus on being viewed as a childrens chiropractic office (family chiropractic office) is due to our ability to undoubtedly help with babies colic, ear infection, kids ear aches, children with headaches, babies that can’t sleep, constipation in children and babies, improve seizures and so much more. The process works but its not the chiropractic treatment that solves the issue, its the simple fact that removing the interference from the misaligned bone, that putting pressure on the nervous system that allows the body to return to its comfortable, natural state and function fully at 100%. That is why the body will in turn recover and the symptom will disappear. Pretty amazing isn’t it?

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Many people don’t know that getting chiropractic care for their newborn child is so important, however the ideal time to start practicing healthy spinal care is during infancy and childhood when they are most exposed to the outside world in many ways.

Chiropractic and the Nervous System

The main aim for chiropractic adjustments is to clear the interference in the nervous system which can be caused by spinal misalignment. The nervous system has a solid control over your brain signals and coordinates every other system, organ and cell in your body. Which is why it is necessary to have a well-functioning nervous system that enables the body to function and develop optimally.

Causes of Nervous System Interference

Nervous system interference can result in many different symptoms related to illness, aches and pains in children, toddlers and even newborns. The cause of the interference can very. The end result however is a lack of communication from the brain to the body, resulting in a symptom. Removing the interference allows the body to function as it was designed to.

The Birthing Process

The birthing process, without a doubt, is one of the most physically stressful experiences a child has to go through. It involves twisting and compression of a baby’s fragile spine from the use of forceps, vacuums, and other such tools. This type of physical stress can lead to misalignments and distortions in the spine and nervous system.


Children and toddlers in their growing years are prone to mild falls and accidental mishaps. Unknowingly, this can cause potential trauma to the spine leading to problems as the child gets older. Just as adults slip and fall, kids experience the same however, kids may bounce back much easier, it doesn’t mean that the problem or misalignment disappears it just means that since the child’s body is still developing its working to balance everything out much faster. Muscles building up in the wrong area to stabilize often creates problems in the future.


Physical, chemical and emotional stressors can be some of the factors causing nervous system interference. Other environmental influences related to home, school, nursery, parks or any other places your child visits can also impact the nervous system.

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Diagnosing Nervous System Interference in Children

At Vibrant Life Health & Wellness our professional team of spinal care specialists are experienced at diagnosing symptoms in children in order to find the root cause and determine whether your child is suffering from nervous system interference that may be the result of misaligned vertebra. As experienced chiropractors they can easily diagnose any stored stress in the cranium, spine and nervous system with an extensive exam, motion studies, posture analysis and computer scans, x-rays are not always necessary when dealing with children however at times we highly recommend them


There are several indicators of nervous system interference in children. Some of them are listed as below:

Is Chiropractic safe for kids?

Yes, chiropractic care and adjustments is very safe and encouraged for kids of all ages. At Vibrant Life Health & Wellness of Chattanooga, our experienced chiropractors specialize in performing adjustments on children and use the most gentle and non-invasive techniques which are completely harmless. Every chiropractic adjustment is tailored to each individual child by using a delicate and a light amount of force.

The recommended time for your child’s first chiropractic visit is right after the birth. Proper care and adjustment gives your child the flexibility to adapt to its new environment, and help in the growth and development process. However, if your child has never had a chiropractic checkup done before, it is still never too late to start. Contact us today to book an appointment and we will be happy to assist you and your child’s chiropractic needs!

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