Physician News Network Update: New Hope for Chronic Back Pain

Learn how 1 Indiana doctor is relieving back pain without drugs or surgery!

For lower back pain caused by over-exertion, strain, or sprain injuries, treatment for such chiropractic medications and injections may bring relief. But for those suffering from chronic and more severe back pain, there has been a little rescue until that. Dr. Michael Lea has brought revolutionary back pain treatment to Indianapolis. This revolutionary procedure is known as nonsurgical spinal decompression. A relatively new medical breakthrough, non-surgical spinal decompression is specifically designed to treat spine pain originating from bulging discs, herniated discs, sciatica, stenosis, degenerative disc disease, arthritis, and facet syndrome using the DRX-9000. This technology has been approved by the FDA since 1989.

It was discovered in a hallmark study from Stanford University that the effects of spinal decompression relieved back pain and increased the height of the intravertebral disc. This led to the development of this cutting-edge technology, allowing specialists to rescue those dealing with chronic spine pain.

For years, I have seen patients suffer despite multiple opinions, physical therapy, addiction to opioids, risky epidural injections, and invasive spine surgeries. I am thrilled to be able to offer this non-invasive treatment to my patients. As of this writing, I have performed over 4000 treatments in my office with a success rate, that is better than that of surgical intervention.

This non-surgical procedure is ideal for those with spine issues that have not been treated through traditional allopathic medicine. In fact, clinical studies have even shown spinal decompression to be affective on patients who are scheduled for surgery or those who have unfortunately have already had surgery. My most recent example of that is I had a patient scheduled for surgery two days before their treatment in my office began. This patient used me as the absolute last resort. I am happy this patient is doing well and has not had surgery.

Until now, the most common procedure for herniated discs has been surgery. Yet, a New England Journal of Medicine report states that 51% of all back surgeries are necessary. Nonsurgical spinal decompression has provided relief for thousands of patients suffering from herniated discs and other associated spine pathologies.

As a doctor, I always express skepticism, especially regarding anything with such fantastic outcomes. The majority of my patients recover from spine-related issues in a very short period of time with no documented side effects.

How does the DRX-9000 work?

This type of treatment is quite simple. Nonsurgical, spinal decompression, creates a negative pressure inside of the desk, which draws in any bulging or herniated disc material, like a vacuum. This stimulates the body to undergo a process known as fibroblastic activity, producing fresh new tissues and cells. The cells attach themselves to the torn fibers of the disc, causing the internal nucleus to bulge or herniate. In essence, it is very similar to bone healing. When it is complete, many patients enjoy long-term relief rather than short-term remedies.

I am dedicated to providing the very best nonsurgical treatments to my patients in an affordable manner. I also believe in educating my patients by providing choices, offering options, and encouraging them to take an active role in their recovery. It is well documented in the medical literature that most medical errors occur when patients are not given the opportunity to make decisions about their treatment options. It is also well-documented that patients often make the quickest recovery when they are active participants in their treatment.

Whenever possible, I offer my patients solutions that are natural and do not involve drugs and surgery. These alternatives are proven time and time again to be successful. I only utilize the best technology in my office for my patients. However. I understand that many patients that come to me are dealing with chronic and severe, and debilitating pain. My goal is to help patients get back to what matters most to them.

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